9-17-12 (mixtape)

9-17-12 (mixtape) by EMS

I can’t remember where or when. Track List:

Cuushe - Do You Know the Way to Sleep (Slow Magic Remix)

Wasteland Trailer

Burial - Archangel


Tycho - Adrift (Shigeto’s Adrift A Dream Mix)

How to dress well - Cold Nites (Koreless Remix)

Asterisms - Suddenly nothing happened.

Bon Iver - Hinnom, TX (Slow Magic Remix)

Balam Acab - Just Stay

Benny Goodman with Peggy Lee - Where Or When

8-28-12 (mixtape)

8-28-12 mixtape by Ems on Mixcloud

8-11-12 (mixtape)

8-11-12 (mixtape) by EMS

Track List:

Black Marble - A Great Design

Peaking Lights - Beautiful Son

Nicholas Jaar - Variations

JJ - High Summer

The XX - Chained (Remix)

Com Truise - Open

Shigeto - Huron River Drive

Night Works - I Tried So Hard (Gold Panda Remix)

The Caretaker - Tiny Gradiations Of Loss

8-1-12 (mixtape)

8-1-12 (mixtape) by EMS

Track List:

Regal Safari - Believe

The XX - Angels (Mirrors Remix)

James Blake - Not Long Now

Stumbleine - Fake Plastic Trees (Feat. CoMa)

Crystal Castles - Untrust Us (VS_YOUTHCLUB Remix)

Beach House - Irene

How to Dress Well - Ocean Floor For Everything

George Lewis - Careless Love

5-22-12 (mixtape)

5-22-12 (mixtape) by EMS


Nicolas Jaar - What My Last Girl Put Me Through

Lovage - To Catch A Thief

NDF - Since We Last Met (Banjo or Freakout cover)

Purity Ring - Obedear

Sun Glitters - Alone feat. Sleep Party People

Tomas Barfod - Broken Glass

TV Girl - It Evaporates